Top IP Telephone Service Providers for Your Business Needs

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June 10, 2024

In the rapidly evolving world of telecommunications, Internet Protocol (IP) telephony has become a cornerstone for businesses seeking efficient, scalable, and cost-effective communication solutions. Amidst a plethora of service providers, choosing the right IP telephone service can be daunting. This article delves into the key aspects that set apart the top IP telephone service providers of the year, offering insights into who you should choose based on comprehensive feature sets, pricing models, and user experiences.

Key Takeaways

  • Choosing the right IP telephone service provider is crucial for ensuring reliable and high-quality communication for your business or home office.
  • Top IP telephone service providers are distinguished by their reliability, call quality, scalability, and integration capabilities.
  • Transparent pricing and a clear understanding of service tiers are essential for selecting a cost-effective VoIP solution that aligns with your budget.
  • Advanced features such as call management, integration with business tools, and customization options are critical for maximizing the efficiency of VoIP services.
  • Evaluating providers based on comprehensive feature sets, pricing models, and user experiences can help you make an informed decision.


RingCentral’s call management is very competitive with options for a multilevel auto attendant and interactive voice response (IVR). In addition to calling features, RingCentral’s Core tier offers video conferencing for up to 100 attendees.


  • Call management and phone system administration
  • Device status alerts and reports
  • Document sharing
  • HD video and voice
  • Mobile apps for iOS and Android
  • Multi-site admin and management
  • Real-time analytics
  • Team messaging
  • Unlimited storage
  • Voicemail to email or text
  • Backend API available for customization and scaling


RingCentral Pricing starts at $30 per month per user. You can also pay annually and save up to 33%.

Additional Information

RingCentral has long impressed us with its business VoIP offerings. The latest iteration, dubbed RingCentral MVP, stands for "messaging, video, and phone," which is indicative of its move away from basic voice services toward a UCaaS approach. RingCentral has also proven itself reliable at high call volumes, something that many rival services struggle with when put under pressure. Its AI-backed transcription and call analysis features are particularly impressive.


business team using IP telephone service in a modern office

Nextiva is a powerful unified communication system suitable for small businesses to large corporations. It offers a comprehensive suite of features that enhance business communication.


  • Auto-attendant
  • Call analytics, forwarding, recording, and routing
  • Caller queue
  • Easy transfers to unique extensions
  • Faxing
  • HD voice calls cut background noise if using headphones
  • Option to add a toll-free number or keep your number
  • Conference calls
  • Visible, thorough details about callers (screen pop)
  • Voicemail to text


Nextiva's pricing starts at $18.95 per month per user.

Why We Picked It

Nextiva is a full-featured, versatile VoIP system with an attractive UI that works across desktop and mobile platforms. It offers some of the most comprehensive call analytics available. The administration functions are straightforward, including a graphical call-flow builder for automatic call routing and interactive voice response (IVR) trees. Additionally, it can sync contacts with address books from Google Workspace and Microsoft 365.

Nextiva's robust feature set and ease of use make it a top choice for businesses looking to enhance their communication systems.


Vonage is a known name in the phone industry, and over 100,000 business owners trust its phone services for a reason. Vonage is a cloud-based VoIP service with voice functions, video calls, and messaging. International calling is available with Vonage, which is vital for companies making outbound calls to other countries.


Vonage offers three main pricing tiers:


All plans include:

  • Unlimited calls
  • SMS messaging
  • Team messaging
  • Access to the Vonage app center
  • VoIP’s mobile and desktop apps

Additional features as you upgrade:

  • CRM integration
  • Large-scale meetings
  • On-demand call recording

Pros and Cons


  • Wide selection of add-ons
  • International calling
  • Comprehensive feature set


  • Overall cost of ownership
  • Varied service and support reviews

Customer Support

Service and support reviews vary between customers and should be a worthwhile consideration when weighing the overall cost and value of a Vonage plan.

Vonage provides a robust set of features and international calling options, making it a strong contender for businesses with diverse communication needs.


8x8 is a robust IP telephone service provider known for its comprehensive cloud communication solutions. Overall, 8x8 is an excellent cloud communication and PBX service provider, especially for brands well-versed in VoIP software operating at the enterprise level.


Ooma Office is a popular small business VOIP phone provider that offers affordable 1-800 toll-free phone numbers. When you sign up, they’ll pre-select a toll-free phone number for you, but you always have the option to choose a new one. It's great because you can add a free number to any of their plans.

Key Features

  • Can set up business hours to route calls as needed
  • Simple faxing
  • Multi ring
  • Ring groups
  • Mobile app
  • Free local phone number
  • Virtual receptionist

Additional Features

Ooma Office has a decent range of add-on features, including international and “pay-as-you-go” calling, a personal phone number, and voice-to-text. You can also port an existing phone number to your Ooma account.

Customer Support

When it comes to support, Ooma stands out, especially compared to other companies on this list that lack reliable and readily available customer service. For some companies, it’s because they’re simply too big. But Ooma Office’s team is available any day and anytime by phone or chat — which can be a big selling point for small businesses that need a reliable partner to help troubleshoot issues as they arise.

The biggest selling point Ooma offers is the availability of its customer service. Its team is available 24/7 by phone or chat to answer any questions and help work through any problems.

Customer Reviews

According to Ooma and user reviews, it takes just minutes to implement the service, meaning you can start working toward ROI faster and more efficiently. Digant O. mentions, "Ooma is one of top 5 VOIP providers I can say very reliable, easy installation and price as well. All in one features and support. I am using Ooma..."


Grasshopper is a distinctive and cost-effective solution tailored specifically for small businesses, particularly startups. It boasts a simple, user-friendly interface that facilitates seamless navigation. The streamlined call-forwarding functionality enables the elimination of app downloads unless the need arises to engage in text-based communication through the Grasshopper business number. Furthermore, incoming voicemails can be conveniently emailed, thereby obviating the necessity for callers to dial in to retrieve messages.


Grasshopper starts at $14 monthly with an annual agreement. Its plans are priced to suit solopreneurs, startups, and very small businesses. If you are looking for an easy way to set up a professional contact with a simple phone system, Grasshopper represents an affordable option with decent value for money.

Mobile and Desktop Apps

Grasshopper has both desktop and mobile apps. When you create an account, Grasshopper will link your personal number to your new business number, after which you may make calls using the desktop or mobile app. Grasshopper apps are compatible with Windows and Mac for desktop and with Apple and Android-capable smartphones.

Customer Reviews

Grasshopper is a popular VoIP option among individuals and small business owners. Satisfied customers frequently mentioned that they enjoyed how simple and easy the service is while providing everything necessary to support a virtual business operation or remote work. They also enjoy its convenience and mention that it is priced fairly.

Some customers had issues with poor call quality. I also noted a few Grasshopper customers found it difficult to connect with live agents.


Mitel is a longtime player in business voice communications. As a result, its guiding principle for its MiCloud Connect VoIP system has been to replicate the features of traditional, on-premises PBX systems, such as making it easy to interconnect remote offices. Even when it's acting as a cloud service, it prefers to have a designated central office so that it can take advantage of a robust LAN. That means it can be harder to set up than some other business VoIP services, but it can offer real advantages in certain scenarios.

Who It's For

Tiny shops might want to skip this one. Mitel's PBX-focused approach suggests it's better geared for midsize to large businesses. Similarly, highly distributed workforces might not gain as much benefit from MiCloud Connect as they could from other competitors. If, on the other hand, you're in the process of bringing employees back into a central office, and like the idea of leveraging a well-managed LAN for optimal call quality, Mitel's offering deserves a look.


  • Traditional PBX capabilities
  • Robust LAN integration
  • Ideal for central office setups


  • Harder to set up than some competitors
  • Not ideal for highly distributed workforces

Mitel Reviews and Customer Ratings

Mitel reviews and ratings from real users. Find out what Mitel customers have to say about Mitel's cloud communications solution.

Zoom Phone


Zoom Phone is a robust IP telephone service that integrates seamlessly with Zoom Video, making it an excellent choice for businesses that rely heavily on video conferencing. With a standard monthly rate of $10.00 per user, it offers great value for money. The service includes both toll-free and local numbers, and users can access voicemail and voicemail transcription through computer- or smartphone-based apps.

Key Features

  • Solid integration with Zoom video conferencing
  • 24/7 live chat and phone support
  • Automatic and on-demand call recording with transcription available
  • Toll-free numbers starting at $5 per month
  • Local and international numbers available for as low as $5 monthly
  • Special international calling add-on for $120 per year


Pros and Cons


  • Solid integration with Zoom video conferencing
  • 24/7 live chat and phone support
  • Automatic and on-demand call recording with transcription available


  • Additional costs for international calling add-ons
  • Premier developer support requires a custom quote
Zoom Phone is particularly great for businesses that already use Zoom Video, offering a seamless transition between voice and video calls.


Dialpad stands out as a highly technologically advanced phone system solution. The company embarked on the development of their proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) technology several years ago, well ahead of the prevailing trend. This strategic decision has endowed Dialpad with a heightened level of security, surpassing that of most of their competitors. Dialpad also boasts an extensive array of native integrations specifically tailored for CRMs, facilitating a streamlined and enhanced work environment for the employees, resulting in better experiences for the customers.

Key Features

  • Artificial intelligence (AI) for transcribing meeting notes and calls
  • Video meetings, SMS, and MMS messages from one user-friendly app
  • Frequent software updates every two weeks

User Experience

I enjoyed using Dialpad’s collaborative software, especially on PC. The interface feels very modern and sleek. I also like how it incorporated artificial intelligence (AI) into its products but still manages to make its customer engagement feel human and empathetic. It’s a great, affordable option for small businesses that want an all-in-one communication hub.


Dialpad's dedication to its role as a software-based communications service is evident in its frequent updates and focus on security. The company's AI technology enhances security, making it a reliable choice for businesses.


Dialpad supports hardware handsets, but its real focus is its softphone, which the company regularly updates. The extensive array of native integrations specifically tailored for CRMs facilitates a streamlined and enhanced work environment for employees.


GoToConnect, formerly Jive, is a popular business VoIP provider for small businesses. It effortlessly supports remote and on-site staff, empowering you to oversee multisite management. This service offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to enhance communication and productivity.


  • Agent Effectiveness Reporting
  • Hot Desking
  • Calling features such as international calling
  • Listen, Whisper, & Barge
  • Real-Time Analytics
  • Smart Call Routing
  • Supervisor Dashboard
  • Team Messaging
  • Unlimited Extensions
  • Voicemail to Email


Since GoToConnect is part of the larger GoTo family brands, they also have seamless integrations with their webinar software, GoToWebinar, along with hundreds of other integrations like G Suite, Microsoft Outlook, Salesforce, and more.


You can also add additional phone numbers for $5 per month.


They offer a phone tree directory for your company and can send these calls to any device the user prefers. GoToConnect provides real-time analytics and supervisor access, giving your team the flexibility you need to serve customers better.

GoToConnect is the ultimate small business phone system for multisite management.

Discover the power of GoToConnect and never miss a call from a customer again. Our AI-driven solution ensures that all your inbound and outbound calls are handled efficiently, providing a seamless experience for your clients. Ready to transform your business communication?


Choosing the right IP telephone service provider is crucial for ensuring reliable and high-quality communication for your business or home office. Throughout this article, we've explored various providers, each offering a unique blend of features, pricing, and customer support. From comprehensive feature sets to budget-friendly options, the market is rich with choices to suit different needs. In the rapidly evolving world of telecommunications, Internet Protocol (IP) telephony has become a cornerstone for businesses seeking efficient, scalable, and cost-effective communication solutions. By evaluating key factors such as reliability, call quality, scalability, and integration capabilities, you can make an informed decision that aligns with your business goals. Whether you prioritize advanced features, transparent pricing, or robust customer support, the right IP telephone service provider can significantly enhance your business operations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key factors to consider when choosing an IP telephone service provider?

Key factors include reliability, call quality, scalability, integration capabilities, transparent pricing, and advanced features like call management and customization options.

Why is IP telephony important for businesses?

IP telephony offers efficient, scalable, and cost-effective communication solutions, making it crucial for businesses seeking to enhance their communication infrastructure.

How do I compare different IP telephone service providers?

Create a spreadsheet to track various aspects such as pricing, features, ease of use, customer support, and phone number availability to effectively compare providers.

Are there budget-friendly IP telephone service providers?

Yes, many providers offer budget-friendly options. However, it's essential to assess whether these options meet your business's needs in terms of features and functionality.

What are some advanced features to look for in an IP telephone service?

Advanced features include call management, integration with business tools, customization options, and scalability to support business growth.

Why is transparent pricing important when selecting a VoIP solution?

Transparent pricing helps you understand the cost structure and ensures that the VoIP solution aligns with your budget, avoiding hidden fees and unexpected charges.